November Working Bee

Just a reminder that the Friends of Torrens Island will be holding their regular monthly working bee at the heritage-listed Torrens Island Quarantine Station (TIQS) on Sunday 27 November, at 10am.

At previous working bees we’ve started cleaning up the long-neglected interior of Refshauge House, the main building on the site, and we’ve also started to restore the garden in front of the house.

Following earlier slashing by DPTI¬† to reduce the fire hazard around the heritage-listed buildings, I’ve also been going out there 2-3 days per week to continue weed removal to reduce the snake hazard, so we’ve been making a significant impact on the appearance of the site.

Despite the warm weather last Sunday’s AGM went very well,¬† with around 30 participants, and among them were the last people to live at Refshauge House, up to 1993 – Chris Bunn and his family, when he was Chief Veterinary Officer.

Now that he has retired, Chris will be joining our committee when he and his wife relocate from Canberra to Adelaide in the New Year.

There was also a person who worked there in the 1970s, when the human quarantine station was still operational, so with these contacts we will be able to capture a lot of oral history that will be useful in developing interpretive materials.

Please let me know by Friday afternoon (25 November) whether you are coming, so I can get you through the security gate at the power station.

And if you can’t make it on that Sunday but would like to become more involved in the TIQS project, it would be great if you could let us know of your interest.

Andrew Winkler – Chair, Friends of Torrens Island –