TIQS Conservation Management Plan – July 2014

Project aims and scope

In April 2013, the land encompassing the Torrens Island Quarantine Station (TIQS) and surrounding buildings was transferred to the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure (DPTI).

Since the land transfer DPTI Building Management has undertaken extensive investigations into the property in order to determine appropriate future land use and any required land management practices.

Currently, the heritage site is deteriorating owing to lack of maintenance and occupancy. Unless a conservation program is put in place the buildings will continue to deteriorate at an exponential rate.

This Conservation Management Plan (CMP) will be incorporated into the DPTI Land Management Plan for the greater site.

It will provide:

— An updated statement of cultural significance of the site based on a thorough analysis of the documentary and physical evidence

— A detailed description of the fabric, the original form and subsequent changes to the place

— Analysis of original internal layouts, finishes (including paints/ coatings) and fittings and subsequent changes

— Analysis of the dilapidation of the site, landscape, buildings and structures

— Advice on functionality, compliance and future adequacy

— Appropriate management priorities and conservation policies reflecting the significance of the place

— Details of conservation and maintenance actions required to conserve the place

— A cost plan for urgent conservation actions.

The nineteen specific structures included in the scope of this CMP are shown opposite. They are:

01 Jetty

02 Sulphur store

03 Waiting room and office

04 Laundry

05 Bathing block

06 Luggage disinfecting block

07 Boiler house and chimney

08 Bulk store

09 Refshauge House / Administrative block

10 Linen store

11 1878 timber cottage

12 Sewer pump house

13 Underground tanks

14 Attendants cottage north

15 Attendants cottage south

16 Attendants house

17 Isolation compound kitchen & change room

18 Mortuary

19 Cemetery

DPTI has commissioned stage 1, the restoration of 5 heritage buildings within the Heritage Precinct. These works will begin in November 2014 and finish in March 2015. During this period FoTI will have limited access to some areas of the Precinct.

DPTI has confirmed that stage 2 will proceed after stage 1. These works will begin in April 2015 and finish in July 2015. All remaining buildings identified within the CMP will be restored, excluding the Jetty and the Cemetery.

For a copy of the CMP see links below:


– TIQS_CMP_Vol1_Final_pt2


– TIQS_CMP_Vol2_Final_pt2